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Why did I get this letter?
We will send a letter if we do not have a copy of your current property (fire/homeowners) or flood insurance policy, or the policy information we received was incomplete. Also, you will receive a letter if the policy we have does not show our name and address as a "Mortgagee". This mortgagee information is required to properly comply with the insurance requirements specified in your mortgage contract.

Other reasons why you may have received this letter are due to unacceptable insurance requirements:
Your policy should meet or exceed these minimum requirements:

  • Our name and address must be correctly listed as a "Mortgagee" on all policies.
  • Your insurance company must be rated with a minimum acceptable rating by an accredited insurance rating agency. We require that your company be rated as required by your loan documents.
  • Your property (fire/homeowners) insurance coverage amount must at a minimum equal full replacement value or the loan balance on your property.
  • The deductible amount specified on you insurance policy cannot exceed the maximum acceptable deductable as required by your loan documents.

What should I do with this letter?
If you have property (fire/homeowners) and/or flood insurance currently in place, take or send this letter to your insurance agent and ask him/her to add our name and address to your policy as a "Mortgagee", as indicated on the letter, and then forward a revised copy of the policy to us as requested. Also, your agent may use this letter to submit temporary evidence of insurance to us on-line. If you submit a insurance information as the borrower, we will use this information to update your agents information for future correspondence.

I don't have homeowners insurance, what do I do?
Contact a local insurance agent. Many insurance agents can be found in your Yellow Pages directory. An agent will help you purchase required fire or homeowners insurance. Show them this letter and ask that our name and address be listed as a "Mortgagee" on your policy.

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